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In this tutorial you are going to learn how to teach your puppy to hold a position for a period of time. This is useful if you want to take your puppy to a cafe and have peace of mind knowing that they will stay on their bed whilst you collect a coffee from the counter.

Although it’s not a separate action you can still teach your puppy a cue for this to give them context and build up the expectation that you are moving away for a while but will be coming back to.

To begin, cue your puppy to do a sit or down. Choose the one they find easiest.

Mark and reward them when they get into position. To build up duration you can reward multiple times. Gradually start to increase the duration between each treat being delivered until your puppy can remain in position for several seconds.

Now start to increase the difficulty. Turn your body in one direction and back again between treats. If your puppy is still in position, reward again when you are facing them. Make sure to feed them in the same position each time, rather that getting them to get up between each repetition.

Step this up to turning further away and back before rewarding, until you can fully turn on the spot and your puppy stays where they are.

Now you can start to practice taking one step away before returning and rewarding if they stay.

Change the direction you step away each time. You can start to move further away or add extra distractions like jumping on the spot or picking up and placing down objects.

Reward your puppy generously every time they get it right.

When they are able to stay in position with you moving in different directions even with distractions you can add the cue ‘stay’. Simply say the word before you go and when your puppy is successful, reward them when you get back.

If your puppy is struggling at any point you can drop back to an easier stage again. Set your puppy up for success and have fun throughout.

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