Hide and Seek




One of the best ways to build a reliable recall is to make it fun, and what better way than to turn it into a game?!

In this video you are going to learn how to play hide and seek with your puppy, to strengthen your relationship and boost your puppy’s recall.

Start off by distracting your puppy whilst you run off and hide behind a counter, table or door. Call your puppy’s name and see how long it takes them to find you…

When they find you, celebrate by rewarding your puppy with treats, fuss and praise, before running off and hiding again.

Call out to your puppy and wait for them to come and find you.

Vary your hiding place each time as your puppy will remember! Get creative and involve all the family. This is a great game to build a lasting relationship with your puppy and it’s great for making recall exciting.

When your puppy is excellent at this game, start to practice in a larger section of the house. Have different members of the family hide at the same time and have fun calling your puppy between you.

Learning should always be fun!

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