Field Trip to a Pet Store




This week’s field trip is to take your puppy to a pet store. You can carry your puppy or walk them on lead if they are old enough. Go along each aisle and allow your puppy plenty of time to sniff and take it all in. There will be lots of exciting smells, different textures to walk on, food packets and toys to investigate.

If your pet store has other animals, like birds, rabbits of rodents, be sure to stop and let your puppy watch from a safe distance. If your puppy shows any sign of being worried, or won’t take treats , back away to a further distance again.

Your puppy might see other dogs and people during their visit too. If you need to pick up any new equipment for your puppy give them plenty of time to investigate and pair with treats and praise too.

Make sure to come back with your puppy often so that they will be confident and relaxed in the store.

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