Enrichment Find It




This week’s enrichment challenge is called ‘find it’. With your puppy out of sight take their food allowance and hide it around the room for them to find. Choose hiding places that vary in difficulty – some can be obvious like laced on the floor, and others more tricky to find.

When you’ve hidden all of their food, let your puppy in and watch the fun unfold. If you have multiple dogs that have no issues around food, you can set this up for them to enjoy at the same time, but if in doubt bring each in separately for their own game.

This game will get your puppy using their nose to find their food which is really satisfying and uses a lot of brain power too. They will rest happily after a fun food search.

Vary the hiding places each time and the location in your home you set up the search too.

You can even do this outside if you have a secure garden.

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