Intro to Collar




In this tutorial you are going to learn how to introduce your puppy to a collar for the first time. You’re going to want a soft, lightweight collar that is adjustable so you can make it larger every couple of days as your puppy grows. You want to have enough room to easily put a finger or two under their collar without it feeling tight. Let your puppy sniff the collar first before bringing it under their chin and around their neck to fasten.

If your puppy is wiggly you can feed them at the same time to help keep them still whilst you put on their collar. Simply sprinkle some treats down or have someone else feed your puppy as you put their neckwear on.

When your puppy is wearing their collar get them moving and having fun – you could play a game of get or play with their favourite toy together.

This will help your puppy build a good association to the new sensation of having their collar on.

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