Exposure to Costumes




In this tutorial you are going to learn how to introduce your puppy to people wearing unusual clothes and costumes. If they have never seen this before they might be a little wary, so it’s important to go steady and let your puppy decide the pace. Never just wait and see what happens.

Start by laying the costume/mask on the floor and letting your puppy investigate. You can add some treats to help your puppy build a great first impression.

When they are comfortable you can start to lift the item up and reward your puppy again. Begin to put on the mask, hat or costume and reward your puppy frequently throughout. Watch out for their body language and if at any point you see signs of stress, drop back a stage.

When you have the costume on, practice some fun training games together like nose target and get or play with their favourite toy.

Introduce your puppy to all sorts of clothing, costumes and fancy dress so that they are confident and relaxed with everything they see in life.

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