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When you bring your puppy home, one of the first things you’re going to want to work on is toilet training.

Young puppies will need to go to the toilet every 30 minutes or so.

Decide where you want your puppy to go to the toilet. Choose an area which is secure and away from distractions that you can easily get to throughout the day. To one side of the back door is a great option most of the time but if you have children make sure it is away from anywhere that they spend time playing.

You’re going to need some supplies –

Firstly the surface you would like your puppy to toilet on. This can be a zone of real or artificial turf, gravel, bark or any other surface type. You can even set up a toilet zone indoors or in your puppy’s pen for when you leave your your puppy on their own to prevent them getting stressed or having an accident if they need to go whilst you’re not there.

You’ll also need a weather proof container of treats that can be stored by the door for easy access rewards whenever your puppy toilets in the right spot.

If your puppy isn’t food motivated, have their favourite toy ready too, so you can reward them with play.

Have poo bags and a bin close by to immediately dispose of your puppy’s waste.

And an enzymatic cleaner in a spray bottle to clean up any accidents and fully remove the scent, reducing the likelihood of your puppy having another accident in that location

Lastly you’ll want wipes for your puppy’s paws in case they step in anything

Before you start training you’ll want to make sure that your puppy isn’t afraid of your toilet zone. A little play session in the area is a great way to expose your puppy to their station and make sure they feel confident and comfortable there.

Don’t wait for your puppy to cry or whine to let you know they need the toilet, instead set your alarm to take your puppy out routinely throughout the day. Take your puppy to the same place to toilet every single time. You can walk them there on a lead or carry your puppy to their toilet station.

When they toilet in the right spot, reward and praise them generously.

You’ll also need to take your puppy out to the toilet whenever they wake up from a nap, eat something, have a drink, do training with you or play.

If your puppy toilets outside but not quite in the toilet zone, still reward them but be sure to spray the area where they toileted, with the enzymatic cleaner to remove the scent, making it less likely your puppy will toilet in that spot again.

As always, be consistent, actively supervise and reward the right behaviour, and your puppy will make great progress.

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