Positive Exposure to Sounds




In this tutorial you are going to learn how to introduce your puppy to all of the different sounds they are likely to experience over the course of their life. It’s really important that you do this whilst your puppy is still young, as the younger they are, the more curious and accepting they are of new experiences.

To get started navigate to youtube on your phone or laptop. Turn the volume down so that you can barely hear it and play a selection of different sounds, including construction sounds, skateboards, children screaming, dogs barking, fireworks, airplanes, doors slamming, or babies crying.

Whilst the sounds are playing in the background, give your puppy something fun to do, like a stuffed Kong or long lasting chew. Alternatively you can practice some training games or play with their favourite toy.

Every couple of minutes you can turn the volume up a notch. The idea is that your puppy is having such a fun time, that they don’t pay attention to the sounds around them.

If at any point your puppy stops what they are doing to listen to the sound or looks concerned, showing whale eyes, panting, lip licks or moving away from the noise, stop the game and be sure that when you practice next, you work at a lower volume and increase more gradually.

Over a few sessions your puppy will be completely ignoring all manner of sounds, even when played at a loud volume.

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