Handling and Husbandry




It’s really important to get into the habit of checking your puppy’s body regularly and that your puppy loves being handled all over. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to get started.

Make sure that your puppy is comfortable and relaxed on a soft bed/blanket. Gently stroke and touch your puppy all over their body. Start with the areas your puppy likes to be touched the most, like their chest, back and belly, before moving towards other parts of your puppy’s body. Move your hands slowly, almost like giving them a massage.

When you come to more sensitive areas start by feeding your puppy treats from one hand as you touch them with your other hand. Check their paws, tail, ears, eyes and teeth.

Always go at your puppy’s pace and if they are unsure about you touching any part of their body, give them some space and time to process before coming back to it another time.

Keep sessions short and relaxing.

When introducing a brush to your puppy practice with the back of the brush first and when your puppy is used to that you can start to brush them gently with the bristles too. Aim to brush one side of your puppy each day.

Get your puppy used to all grooming equipment you will use throughout their lifetime, from different brushes and combs to nail clippers, towels and dryers. Make sure your puppy is enjoying the experience and is relaxed throughout.

By putting the effort into this now, you will have a dog who loves to be groomed throughout their entire life.

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