Car Socialisation and Exposure




Socialising your puppy to the sight and sounds of cars and traffic is really important whether you live in the city or countryside.

Take your puppy to a quiet street or car park and watch the passing vehicles. Make sure you are at a distance your puppy feels relaxed and safe. You can spend time searching for treats as cars go by, or just sit together and watch as they pass. You can feed them a treat every time a car passes to build up a great association.

As your puppy gets used to the sound, sight and smell of the traffic, you can start to venture to busier locations and along roads where the cars travel faster and make more noise.

Another aspect of introducing your puppy to cars is to make sure they experience plenty of short and happy car rides with you. Your puppy will need a safe travel area in your car which could be a crate or seatbelt harness. Settle your puppy into the car and head out for a mini drive together. Make sure to keep it short to start with and you can build up to longer drives over time. Whenever you are able to, drive to fun places to explore together.

Take things steady and build up at your puppy’s pace.

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