Exposure to Surfaces




The first few months a puppy’s life are the most influential. Most of what is learned during this early period becomes the foundation for adult behavior patterns. To lower the possibility of behavior problems in your pup later on, including fear, anxiety, and stress, puppies should be exposed to as many experiences as possible during this core socialisation period. It is essential that this is done in a fun and positive way.

Positive exposures need to include new surfaces and textures, too! In this video, we demonstrate how to make exploring to new surfaces enjoyable and rewarding. This can be done both inside and outside the home by creating fun obstacle courses for your pup to investigate at their own pace.

Be sure to not place your pup on the surface and instead let them explore as much as they are comfortable with. Be generous with your treats and toy rewards and never coax your puppy into a situation where they are uncomfortable.

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