Nose Touch




In this tutorial you are going to learn how to teach your puppy a nose touch. This is a simple, fun behaviour where your puppy bops their nose to the palm of your hand and is useful for keeping your puppy engaged with you around distractions, guiding them to specific locations or teaching them new behaviours.

To start with present your hand towards your puppy and wait for them to investigate. Mark and reward as soon as their nose makes contact with your hand. Repeat this a few times before making it more difficult by holding your hand further away.

If your puppy struggles to start with, you can always rub a treat on your hand to get them interested. After a few repetitions you won’t need the scent of the food anymore.

When your puppy is doing really well and stepping to make contact you can roll their reward away from you so that they can come running back to you for the next repetition. Dogs love this fun game of dash and it helps to add more momentum to their nose touch.

You can even use nose targeting to teach new behaviours like spin and down.

How many ways can you think of to use touch?

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