Neighbourhood Field Trip




This week your field trip is to stroll around your neighbourhood with your puppy. If they haven’t completed their vaccinations yet make sure to carry them or use a pet stroller to take them out. Getting to see things from a young age is so important.

As you make your way around the neighbourhood stop often and let your puppy take everything in. The people passing by, dogs walking and playing, cars and bikes passing.

Listen to the sounds and watch your puppy absorb all the unusual scents traveling on the air.

It’s important to look at your puppy’s body language to make sure that they are relaxed and enjoying their trip out. Keep an eye out for signs they are uncomfortable, like whale eyes, licking their lips or refusing to take treats. If your puppy is getting overwhelmed, back up and give them more space. Keep outings short – 5 minutes is plenty to start with.

You might see people carrying unusual objects like paddleboards or watch noisy trucks or emergency vehicles drive by.

Every trip you take together make sure to walk a different route and vary the sights you and your puppy get to see.

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