DIY Project




This week’s enrichment challenge is DIY!

Enrichment doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Your puppy will have a great time foraging for their food in home made enrichment puzzles. From cardboard packaging they get to shred and rip apart, to plastic bottles they can roll around with their nose or paw there is something for every puppy to enjoy. Whether you have yoghurt pots, plastic cartons, envelopes, drinks bottles, junk mail or shredded paper in your recycling box, you can create excellent enrichment games.

Simply get your puppy’s food allowance and sprinkle it in a variety of homemade puzzles and place on your ground to investigate.

Let your puppy sniff, lick, chew, nudge, paw at and pounce on the DIY puzzles to get their food.

And when they’ve finished all you need to do is put it back in the recycling box.

There are so many options for getting creative!

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