Treat Tournament




Treat tournament is a great way to discover which treats your puppy loves versus those they only like a little. Their preferences might surprise you! To start, have a selection of treats prepared – these could be bite size pieces of different meats, kibble, apple, peanut butter, cheese, hotdog, cucumber or other dog treats.

Select two at a time and present them in front of your puppy’s nose, low and evenly apart. Allow them to explore, sniff and choose which treat they would like the most. When they’ve made their decision, remove the other treat and select another pair for the next round.

Continue in this way until you know which treats your puppy likes the most, and which have been left until the end. You can do this multiple times with different pairings to find out which treats are their ultimate favourites. Their preferences may vary at different times of the day or in different locations.

Always make sure you have a selection of your puppy’s favourite treats to train with, in addition to their normal food.

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