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In this tutorial you are going to be introduced to a great game to play with your puppy that will increase your bond, add fun to your training, supercharge your puppy’s rewards, enable you to reset their position as well as direct them away from entrances and exits for management purposes.

For this game you’ll want to have treats that are large enough for your puppy to see easily. You’re going to show the food to your puppy close to their nose and when they show interest simply say the word ‘get’ and throw the treat about 1-2 feet in front of your puppy where they can see it.

You will repeat this several times, throwing the treat in a different direction each time. The word ‘get’ should predict you throwing the food, so be careful about the order – say the word then throw the food.

As your puppy gets good at this you can increase the distance away from your puppy, you throw the treat.

After several repetitions your puppy will acknowledge the word ‘get’ and turn to you to see where the treat is going to go.

This is a great way to get your puppy to move quickly behind a gate or barrier when you need to answer the front door and can even be used to redirect excitable puppies away from you if they are running towards you and you think they might jump up.

How many uses for this game can you think of?

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