Burrito Enrichment




This week’s enrichment challenge is called the burrito! A great way to get your pup thinking and trying something new, this enrichment game is perfect for teaching your pup to problem solve whilst making mealtimes more fun and enjoyable.

To start, get a small towel and some of your puppy’s food. You want to sprinkle the treats across the towel as you roll up. Make sure some of them are near to the edges to help your puppy get started. When you’ve created your burrito simply give to your puppy on the floor or in their puppy pen and watch the fun unfold.

Remember these activities are also great to set up outside of meal times. Enrichment games are perfect for keeping your puppy occupied and happy when visitors come over, when you’re sitting down to a meal and at other times when your puppy has a bit of extra energy.

To make it more of a challenge you can fold the burrito up or place it in another container for your puppy to pull it out of.

There is so much fun to be had with enrichment!

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