Wait vs Stay




The cues wait and stay both serve the purpose of letting your dog know to hold a position for duration, so what exactly is the difference?

In the stay exercise, your puppy learns that when you cue, you are going to move away and come back before rewarding them. It’s the same every time and rewards are delivered calmly in position each time. This means that your puppy is relaxed

In contrast the wait exercise teaches your puppy to hold position until you release them with their release word. After being released your puppy will get to move to get their reward. This might be chasing a toy, running off lead, getting up to eat their dinner, playing with other dogs or anything else your puppy wants access to. The similarity between each is that they all involve your puppy getting energised about something. Perfect for getting your puppy to practice self control even when excited.

THIS is the key difference – building context on an emotional basis.

Choose your cue depending on the response you want from your puppy.

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