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In this tutorial you are going to learn how to get your puppy looking at you by default whenever they see something interesting in the environment. This could be another dog, child, runner, cyclist or anything else.

Instead of being really distracted your puppy will happily focus back on you without you even needing to ask.

Choose a quiet environment where people are moving at a distance to you. If your puppy gets really excited outside, have a friend or family member help you practice at home to begin with.

Have your marker ready and with your puppy sitting on lead in front of you, wait for them to look at a person moving in the distance.

As soon as they do, mark and reward them.

Repeat this so that every time your puppy looks at a distraction they are getting rewarded.

They will start to understand that distractions in the environment predict good things from you.

At this stage when your puppy looks at the person again, wait and see what they offer next. If your puppy has made the link between looking away and food coming from you, they will quickly look back at you anticipating their treat.

Mark and reward them for looking back at you this time.

From here only mark and reward when your puppy calmly looks away and then looks back at you.

Gradually build up the difficulty by being closer to the passing people. Practice around cyclists, joggers, children playing and even other dogs. As your puppy gets really good at this you can practice in busier environments and enjoy seeing your puppy able to look away from even big distractions without any prompting from you at all!

This exercise is a real game changer!

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