Fun Food Circuits




This game is all about supercharging the treats you use in training. The more your puppy enjoys their reward, the more they’ll want to train with you and the quicker you’ll make progress together.

In this game you will practice using ‘get’ as a way to add value to rewards.

Start by cueing your puppy to do something they know really well – it can be a hand touch, eye contact, sit or anything else. When your puppy completes the behaviour, mark and throw the treat away and prompt them to ‘get’. When they come back cue them again and mark and reward by tossing a treat for them to run after and get. Vary the behaviour you are cueing to keep this game fresh and exciting for your puppy.

This game can really help to boost your puppy’s motivation and supercharge the rewards you are using.

Keep sessions short and make sure that your puppy doesn’t slip or turn too sharply to run after the food. This could cause an injury. So you want to make sure you always throw the reward in the direction they are facing, and play this game on a non-slip surface.

You can even practice this outdoors with your puppy on a long line.

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