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In this tutorial you are going to learn how to teach your puppy to check out objects in their environment on cue. This is great for building your puppy’s confidence and ability to calmly investigate interesting things when on walks.

Start off in a quiet area of your home. Put a novel object on the ground, making sure that it is stable and won’t fall over or move unexpectedly.

Bring your puppy into the area and let them explore at their own pace. If they investigate the object, mark as they approach and then reward them further away again.

Your puppy will go back to investigating the item- mark and reward each time until they are happily running towards it.

Now you can add the cue. Say ‘go check it out’ before your puppy approaches the object. Once on cue, rotate the objects and place them in different areas of the room.

You can then start to play this game when you are out on a walk too.

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