Frozen Enrichment Challenge




This week’s enrichment challenge is called something frozen! It’s a great way to get your puppy working a little harder, learning to problem solve and soothing teething pain.

To start, get a bowl and measure out your puppy’s food. Add extra toppings such as probiotic and additional liquid such as water, beef or chicken broth. Place the ingredients into a blender and liquify.

Pour the blended mixture into an ice cube tray or silicone mould and place in the freezer until solid. Once frozen, you can place in a bowl or towel to minimise the mess before giving to your puppy.

Puppies can enjoy these between mealtimes too. Frozen enrichment games are perfect for keeping your puppy occupied and happy when you have work to do on the computer, are sitting down for a family meal, or when your puppy is mouthing due to teething pain.

There is so much fun to be had with enrichment!

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