Leg Weaves




In this tutorial you are going to learn how to teach your puppy how to leg weave. This is a great trick for building confidence and having fun with your puppy.

To start, hold a treat between your middle finger and thumb. Be sure to point your first finger outward as this will become your hand signal later…

With one foot forward slowly lure your puppy from beside your back foot, through your legs to finish beside your front foot.

Mark when your puppy reaches the outside of your front foot and reward before slowly stepping your back foot forward and repeating in the opposite direction.

As your puppy gets really good at this you can remove the food from your hand and guide them using only a hand signal.

Continue to reward your puppy on the outside of your leg each time.

When your puppy is doing really well you can start to mix it up a little by adding a default stop between some steps, where you bring your feet together and your puppy automatically sits beside you.

Have fun practicing your new trick in lots of locations.

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