Preventing Counter Surfing




Puppies are really adventurous and like to investigate the world around them. They will try things out and if they lead to good outcomes, they will repeat them.

One behaviour which is often accidentally reinforced is counter surfing. Puppies grow quickly and areas which were out of reach one day, rapidly become accessible as your puppy grows. This can lead to them jumping up and stealing something tasty or fun off the table or kitchen worktop. Every time your puppy finds something good, the more they will jump up on surfaces in the future.

To prevent this becoming a habit for your puppy, put management in place. Clear all counters and tables as well as block access to zones which might be tempting for your puppy.

You can then teach your puppy to settle on their bed instead and reward this highly so your puppy reliably chooses to do this instead of counter surfing.

Remember don’t leave things to chance – be prepared, implement management and set your puppy up for success

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