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What is Human Play?

If you want to build the best life with your puppy, developing an incredible relationship is essential. One way to strengthen the bond you share is through human-puppy play.

This is where you get to interact with your puppy, without the need for toys by getting down to their level and encouraging them to explore, engage and have fun with you. You want to get silly, and act playful, just as if you were a puppy too!

To start, get on all fours and mimic a puppy play bow. Practice darting to the side to encourage your pup to come towards you.

It can take a little getting used to and all pups are different, so what works for one pup might not work for others. The most important thing is to try and see the world as your puppy see it. If your pup is holding back, give them a bit more space. If they are wiggly and rushing to you for more, it’s a good sign that they are enjoying the play session.

It is all about keeping a carefree, joyful mentality and getting your puppy to see you as their best playmate ever!

The key thing to remember is that there are no rules in human-puppy play. You want to develop a fun, loving and empowering relationship with your puppy and these play sessions are a great way to learn about how your puppy likes to engage with the world around them.

You get to see if they seek boisterous body contact, or prefer to chase but not make physical contact. You can see if they like to grab with their mouth or enjoy pouncing with their paws instead.

Learning about your puppy in this way is vital if you want to unlock their ultimate rewards for training later on.

If your puppy gets too mouthy consider having a toy on you and encourage them to grab this instead. To start though just explore naturally and discover what interaction style your puppy likes the most.

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