Puppy Exercise




There are some elements which need to be incorporated into your puppy’s day. One of these is physical exercise.

Physical exercise can be human play, playing with toys, going on a walk or playing with other dogs.

It’s important not to overdo physical exercise whilst your puppy is still growing as this can cause damage to their joints. Too much exercise will also build an athlete who is unsatisfied unless they get more and more exercise which is not a road you want to go down with your puppy.

Typically 5 minutes per month of age, twice a day is recommended until your puppy is fully grown.

Often people exercise their puppies to try to tire them out so they rest better. Whilst some exercise is needed, physical movement increases adrenaline in the blood stream and can lead to your puppy settling less well if they spend a lot of time doing physical activities. Instead get your puppy engaging in mental activities and enrichment games to help them relax and settle more easily.

When your puppy is physically mature (which could be anywhere from 12 months to 3 years depending on their breed) you will be able to enjoy many physical activities together – like agility, canine parkour, canicross or long woodland hikes.

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