In this tutorial you are going to learn how to teach your puppy the fun trick spin. You can do this using targeting or luring. To start you’re going to stand facing your puppy and using a food lure or hand target get them to turn in a large circle in front of you. Mark and reward when they get back to where they started. Make sure to have your hand at nose height so your puppy doesn’t jump or sit part way through.

When your puppy is really good at this you can start to move your hand in a smaller, less exaggerated circle. Mark and reward when they complete the turn.

If you were using a lure, the next stage is to practice without food in your hand. When your puppy completes the spin, mark and reward with a treat from your pouch or pocket.

Now you can add the cue word ‘spin’ – simply say the word spin before you give your puppy the hand signal that they know well.

You can practice doing this in both directions and teach your puppy a different cue word for each. Eventually you will be able to get your puppy to spin on the spot by just saying the cue without the need for a hand signal!

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