Field Trip to Water




If one day you want to be able to go paddleboarding, kayaking or swimming with your dog it’s really important to introduce them to water from a young age. Dogs that are introduced positively to water whilst they are young, are more likely to grow up to be really confident around and on the water.

To begin you can set up a paddling pool in the garden and encourage your puppy to explore at their own pace to build their confidence.

For this week’s field trip you get to take your puppy to visit the beach or a local lake. If they are too young to walk on the floor, you can carry them instead.

Let them take it all in, the sights, smells and sounds as well as the sensation of water on their paws.

Play with their favourite toy near the waterside and focus on having fun together.

Some dogs might be more inclined to go in the water if their buddy goes in with them. Consider making it a play date with a friend and their dog for the ultimate experience.

As always, have fun and enjoy the journey.

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