Collar Holds and Lead Clips




Often puppies will shy away from hands reaching towards their harness or collar if it’s not something they’re used to. There will be times when you have to quickly get hold of your puppy so we need to prepare them for this and make it something fun.

In this tutorial you will learn a game that will make all the difference …To start, offer your puppy a treat from one hand as you touch their collar or harness with the other.

When they are doing well with this, move to touching their collar/harness BEFORE you feed them.

Keep an eye on your pups body language, You want them to be relaxed with an open mouth and loose expression.

Progress to holding onto your puppy’s harness or collar a bit longer before rewarding, so that you can prepare them for attaching a lead.

This game really helps your puppy to associate good things happening when you reach out to them and that good things always happen when the lead goes back on. It makes such a difference in the long run.

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