Setting Up Management




Management comes in many forms but they all share one common purpose – to prevent your puppy practicing undesirable behaviour. Puppies learn really quickly to repeat things that lead to fun outcomes and this quickly forms habits which are difficult to change.

Instead of having to modify your puppy’s existing behaviour, it is far better to prevent bad habits from forming in the first place.

Management can be puppy pens or crates to create a safe space for your puppy, or you can also use baby gates, leads or tethers to prevent access to certain areas of your home and avoid your puppy escaping out of the front door when visitors arrive. Make sure you choose the right type of management as some puppies are particularly adventurous!

Other things you can do include tidying everything away you don’t want your puppy to get hold of, providing plenty of toys and chew items for your puppy to engage with and blocking off access to tight spaces around the home.

You also want to make sure that your puppy has a space they can relax, where they won’t be disturbed by children or other family members. You also want to ensure any older dogs in the household have their own space away from your puppy too.

Putting management in place makes all the difference.

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