Wait & Release




In this tutorial you are going to learn how to teach your puppy to wait in position until you release them. This is a great exercise to teach to ensure your puppy has beautiful door manners, will wait nicely at the roadside before crossing and can sit patiently whilst you put their food down at mealtimes.

First choose a word that you would like to use as a release cue. A release cue is simply a short word that will signal to your puppy that they are free to get up and run after their toy or treat, play with another puppy, move through a door and many other things.

To teach all you need to do is pair the release word with your puppy getting up and having access to the things they want most.

If your puppy is still sitting say your release cue before tossing a treat away for your puppy to go and get.

Build in more distractions.

When your puppy is doing really well and can hold their position while you do a variety of distractions, you are ready to add the cue wait. Simply ask your puppy to sit and then say wait before beginning your distraction. Say your release word when you are ready so your puppy gets up to go and get their reward.

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