Enrichment Muffin Tin




This week’s enrichment challenge is called the muffin tin game. This is a great confidence builder for puppies and can be made simpler or more difficult depending on your puppy’s skill level.

To begin with you’re going to take some of your puppy’s food or treats and sprinkle them into the different sections. You can use a selection of different flavours and textures to give your puppy an even more enriching experience.

Once you’ve done this you are going to add some objects on top of the tin that your puppy will need to move out of the way in order to access the tasty delights. To start with you can make this simple by having some of the sections free to access and some covered by one of their toys. As your dog becomes an expert you can increase the difficulty by adding more objects, including different toys as well as novel items such as plastic egg cartons or other packaging.

There are so many ways to vary this challenge to keep it new and exciting for your pup.

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