Field Trip to Hardware Store




For this week’s field trip you will be taking your puppy to a hardware store. When you first arrive make sure to give your puppy a chance to toilet before making your way towards the outside shopping area.

Let your puppy explore and sniff the outdoor zone, where you will find garden accessories and plants. Keep an eye on their body language to make sure they are comfortable and relaxed.

From here you can progress to inside the store too, if your puppy is doing well. Some puppy’s will need to build up to this over a few sessions, so be sure to check in with your puppy and see if they need to head home or not before going inside.

When indoors stay away from people and the loud machinery. Choose the quietest route around the store. Let your puppy investigate as much as they need to. When they feel safe and relaxed do some mini 10 second training sessions working on loose lead walking, eye contact or sit.

After a trip like this, make sure your puppy gets a chance to rest and process everything they’ve experienced.

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