Setting Up Your Training Area




One of the most exciting things about having a puppy is learning new things together.

Before you begin training your puppy you will want to make sure that you have set up an area away from distractions and that you have everything to hand that you’ll need for your session.

To start, place a blanket or bath mat down so that your puppy has something soft to lie on. Next make sure to have your puppy’s water bowl close by for access throughout your training session. If you are joining a zoom call, or recording your session have your camera angled so that your puppy’s full body is visible on the screen.

Prepare a variety of treats and have them ready in your treat pouch. You’ll also want to have a harness and lead within reach.

Lastly, make sure you have management set up such as an X-pen so that your puppy can focus on you during your training session. This will be particularly handy if you have multiple dogs in your home or children running around.

Remember to scale the difficulty up or down depending on how your puppy is doing and keep your training sessions short and fun.

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