Exercise Enrichment and Play




For your dog to really thrive, they need to have the opportunity for appropriate exercise, enrichment and play. What that looks like will depend on their age, fitness level and breed and on what you both enjoy.

Exercise can include free running but there are many other ways to keep your dog physically fit, such as chewing, parkour, swimming and canine conditioning.

Enrichment activities, such as ACE Free Work, scent games and problem solving toys are excellent for your dog’s mental wellbeing and can help keep them calm.

Play can be enjoyable alone, with a doggy friend or with you. No play is wrong but remember that some types of play, such as tug or fetch, can be very exciting for your dog. If you play active games like these, keep sessions short and include breaks, so that play remains fun without becoming too exciting.

Variety is good so what you do can look different each day. But give your dog regular opportunities for exercise, enrichment and play.

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