Body Language – The Ears




The ears are often what people notice because they can be a quick sign of alertness. For almost all dogs, they’ll go up and forward, even floppy ears will get a little higher and move forward.

If a dog is super scared, they may hold their ears very flat and back. However, your dog may also do this when they are really excited to see you.

Your dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than any human’s. This means they may hear a trigger well before you can see it.

If your dog’s ears change from their natural position to high and forward, or pulled back and flat with a tense body and mouth, stop what you are doing and think about what they might be responding to in the environment – is it you, another dog, a person, a sudden change or something else? Respond appropriately by creating space or giving your dog something else to focus on.

Practice listening to what your dog’s ears are telling you. These important clues will set you on the right path to resolving their reactivity.

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