The Importance of Posture




Your posture makes a big difference to both your comfort level and mood.

You need a functional posture where you are balanced from head through shoulders, hips and feet. If you brace yourself or pull your shoulders back or crick your neck you will not only risk injury but you will be much less effective in handling your dog.

You can use techniques Yoga, Pilates and Alexander Technique to improve your core strength and posture but there is a simple tool from TTouch that helps. The shrug wrap uses a stretchy bandage and goes round the shoulders in a figure of eight. It doesn’t force your body into a position but it reminds you to keep your posture open and relaxed.

Posture is also related to mood. Adopting open “power poses” like Wonder Woman can make you feel more powerful and act with confidence, whereas hunched, closed poses can make you feel powerless. So practice these power poses for a few minutes before a walk and see how differently you feel!

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