Successful Stealth Training




In stealth training you work your dog around things in the environment rather than doing set-ups with helpers. This is a good way to practice between sessions with your trainer or if you can’t find suitable assistants.

Stealth training happens separately to walks. You go out specifically to work on your dog’s reactivity and select locations where you can see triggers at a safe distance for your dog and ensure they will not have a bad experience.

If your dog’s triggers are other dogs then you could watch them through a fence or visit an area where dogs have to be kept on lead. If their triggers are children then you could train near to a school boundary at play time.

Find places where you can watch your dog’s triggers without them being able to reach you.

Position yourself across a road, behind a fence or even on the other side of a body of water.

You can use your vehicle as the base from which to train. This gives you both a barrier to go behind and a safe place to take frequent breaks. Large car parks can be great for stealth training. Many people travel with dogs and will keep them on lead near the road. This is perfect for working with your dog while other dogs pass by.

You are always working at a distance where the other person or dog are unconcerned and ideally unaware. If you notice anyone being disturbed by you and your dog, stop and move away immediately.

 There will be plenty of other opportunities to train!

Stealth training gives you the chance to practice with your dog in safe, realistic situations. If you do it regularly you will soon see progress!

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