Reactivity Bingo




Reactivity Bingo is a great way to shift your mindset from threat to challenge because you will be focusing on problem solving rather than what could go wrong. You can play it two ways.

In Best-Case Reactivity Bingo you write on your card all the good things that might happen on your walks. Examples include someone saying your dog is very well-trained or your dog making a good choice or you successfully averting a potential danger. Think of lots of these potential “best-case” scenarios, then mark them on your Bingo card when they actually happen.

If you can’t imagine enough “best-case” examples then try Worst-Case Reactivity Bingo! You predict all the things that could go wrong: meeting a “my dog is friendly” pet-parent, your dog losing their rag or you losing patience with your dog. Again mark them off if they happen. This gives you a win-win. If they don’t happen you win, and if they do, you will still feel differently about them because you get a win in your game!

And don’t forget to give yourself a prize for a line or a full house. Rewarding yourself is just as important as rewarding your dog!

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