Slowing Down the Exit




Does your dog have the habit of bolting to the end of the lead and pulling you down the street as soon as you step outside?

Rushing through the door can be a result of excitement, anticipation of triggers or simply pent up energy. Whatever the reason, it can lead to injuries for both you and your dog, or cause you to miss a nearby trigger that your dog then reacts to. It’s so important to slow things down before you set off on your walk.

Here are 3 things to try:

Scatter treats on the ground for your dog to find as you exit. Continue until you see your dog’s movement slowing down. This gives you both a chance to acclimatise the shift in environment without rushing.
Give your dog simple predictable behaviours to do when you get outside to help them focus. The 1-2-3 pattern game is a perfect example. Pattern games are easy, fun, and involve movement, which is often easier for your dog in this situation than being still.
Cue your dog to do a trick when you walk outside. Like pattern games, tricks give your dog something to focus on. Tricks like paws up, middle or touch not only give your dog something else to do, but can set the tone of your walk to be fun and enjoyable.

If your dog is unable to settle enough to go on a walk after this, then it may be best to head back indoors, take a break and try again later. You may need to adjust the time of day, the direction you walk in or consider driving to a quieter location with your dog when you go out together.

Practicing these tips when you exit, can help set you up for more enjoyable walks.

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