Behavioural Responses




Behavioural responses are the things that your dog does in response to things that happen to them or that occur in the environment. This can be many things from subtle movements to bites!

Notice if your dog suddenly seems distracted by something, especially if it has been in the environment for a while. What happened just before this? They might actually be a little concerned by a change in the environment.

Watch if your dog leans away from touch or moves an area of their body away from you. This can be subtle like sitting down when you touch the back or more obvious like rolling on their back.

These can be signs that your dog is not comfortable with what is happening. So it is another clue for you to note. Does this happen every time you touch them or approach in this way? Does it happen in other situations?

You will always notice responses like growling, mouthing or biting but you can often avoid these altogether by noticing the more subtle signs of concern.

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