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1-2-3 TREAT

1-2-3 Treat is a great game to play when you have to move your dog from A to B safely. This might be to pass something scary in the street or get out of a tight situation. You are going to teach your dog to walk beside you while you repeatedly count 1,2,3.

You will need some of your dog’s favourite, easy to eat treats. Choose a location to train without distractions, such as your home or garden.

First you are going to make the word “three” meaningful to your dog. Start with a handful of treats and say “three” in a cheerful voice before giving your dog a treat from your hand. Repeat several times so that your dog begins to make an association between the word and rewards arriving.

Next you are going to add “two” into the sequence. Count out loud “two, three” before promptly giving your dog a treat. Again you’ll want to repeat this several times.

Then progress to saying “one, two, three” before giving your dog the treat. Your dog will be listening out for the word “three” and getting used to hearing the words one and two beforehand. Repeat until your dog is looking expectantly at you whenever they hear “three”.

Now you can begin to add movement. Start walking as you repeatedly count “one, two, three”, making sure to reward every time you say “three”.

Practice in lots of different places without distractions before working around low level distractions and eventually real triggers. Your dog should move into it easily and happily every time.

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