How Long Will it Take?




A common question is how long will it take for my dog to stop overreacting? As with many things, the answer is, “it depends.”

Individual genetics, breed characteristics, and your dog’s personal history all have an influence on your dog’s behaviour as does the length of time they have been overreacting.

If your dog has been reacting to their triggers for months or even years, expecting an overnight change is unrealistic. Healthy, long-lasting behaviour change usually takes time, so having attainable goals is important.

Other key factors in determining how long things will take include how effectively you are able to manage your dog’s exposure to triggers, whether you can address other issues such as pain or illness and how frequently you practise alternative behaviours.

Remember it’s not always possible to remove over-reactivity completely. Sometimes there are factors beyond your control and it’s important to celebrate your dog and your successes as a team along the way.

There may not be an exact answer as to how long it might take to see progress, but your dedication will make a huge difference to your dog. When you manage your dog’s environment, give them plenty of chances to practice desirable behaviours and allow them the time and space they need, you will see progress sooner rather than later.

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