Power Ups for You




Power-ups are an easy way to increase your positivity ratio. In her book Superbetter, Jane McGonigal describes the power-up as “any positive action that you can take easily, that creates a quick moment of pleasure, strength, courage or connection for you.”

The important thing about power-ups is that YOU choose what gives you that positive moment. It may be something you do with your dog or it may equally be time you take away from your dog both on your own or with others. There is no right or wrong here. Choose what works for you and don’t feel guilty!

Power-ups are personal to you but examples might be having a cuddle with your dog (if they enjoy it), doing some exercise, playing a game, sitting having a quiet moment, enjoying nature, aromatherapy, good food or drinks that make us feel well, music or dancing. You get to choose!

Remember – power-ups are easy – they don’t take a lot of time or money – and you control them – you can choose when to do them.

To make the most of power ups – write down all the things that you can think of that would be a power-up for you. You can write a list or put them on slips of paper in a jar so you can pull one out when you need it. You can get ideas from other people.

Then every day – choose three and do them. You will soon start feeling the benefit.

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