Influencing Behaviour




You influence your dog’s behaviour in many ways! Your body position, how you hold the lead, what sounds you make, which way you walk and how you move your body can all have an effect on how your dog behaves.

Your dog can see you, hear you, smell you, feel your touch and sense your movement far better than we are able to. So when you need to get your dog’s attention, think about how you can do so other than calling their name or pulling on the lead.

Also be aware of how you might be accidentally influencing your dog’s behaviour.

Are you inadvertently leading them towards something they are concerned about? Are you holding the lead tight while they are just standing there? Is your body blocking them from moving away from something scary?

Understanding your dog is key to resolving reactivity, but it’s just as important to see how your own body language and behaviour can influence things too.

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