What is Look at That?




Look at That is a powerful game that allows you and your dog to have a “conversation” about what is going on in the environment and helps them to process it. They do not interact with it, they just tell you it is there and get paid to do so.

The conversation can be started by you or your dog.

If your dog sees, hears or smells something in the environment, they can tell you about it by looking at it and then back at you. Watch out for this when it happens unprompted. If they are comfortable they will often glance at the trigger then quickly look to you for their reward. If they can’t turn away quickly, they may be feeling uncomfortable and need your support. Notice if they are becoming fixated and move them away to create space.

You can also start the game if you notice a trigger that your dog hasn’t seen yet. Ask the question ‘where is it?’ This tells your dog that something is there and lets them play the game rather than risking them reacting if they are startled. You can then watch how they play and respond appropriately! As your dog gets more comfortable you may see only a glance or a flick of an ear towards the trigger.

Playing this game helps you and your dog communicate effectively and lets them feel better about the world around them!

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