Middle is a great game that makes you a safe and fun place to be. It’s a simple trick where your dog moves around behind you before standing or sitting between your legs. This can help your dog to focus on you in busy environments and can also become a safe space for them.

To get started, lure your dog behind you before passing the treat to your other hand so they move underneath you. Mark and reward between your knees.

Repeat several times, building up the duration that your dog stays in position by feeding treats one after another as long as they remain in place.

The next step is to remove the food from your hand and use only a hand signal to guide your dog into place.

Practice until your dog is promptly offering the behaviour. You can then attach a cue word such as ‘middle’, by saying it just before you give the visual hand signal.

After enough repetition your dog will understand the verbal cue.

When they can do this in your home or garden it’s time to take it out on the road to different locations.

With practice your dog will run into position from a distance when cued, no matter where you are!

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