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If your dog is comfortable with touch, Tellington Touch or TTouch is a great way to help them to calm down and relax. It can release tension in the body, improve circulation and give your dog better awareness of their body.

TTouch is a mindful and gentle way to touch your dog which is relaxing for both you and your dog. It is very easy for anyone to learn and do.

There are many different TTouches, but a good place to start is with the Llama TTouch.

Many dogs associate a hand coming towards them with being grabbed so the Llama TTouch uses the back of the hand. This is much less threatening and can be easier for sensitive dogs.

Start with gentle strokes with the back of your hand, in an area of the body where your dog is least sensitive. Their side is often a good place to start.

Keep your fingers relaxed and curl your hand slightly so you can do light circles with the back of your hand or fingers. As you do the circles, move the skin gently under your hand, rather than sliding across the skin. Rather than doing a single circle, do about a circle and a quarter. This will feel more complete than one circle.

Start with just one or two touches, then take your hand away and see what your dog does. Do they lean in for more or move themselves away? Always listen to your dog and give them processing time when they need it.

Keep it light, relaxed and mindful. And remember to breathe yourself!

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