Turtle TTouch




The Turtle TTouch is great for releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and along the back. It is also helpful if you have a dog who gets a bit stuck on a walk and won’t move on.

For the Turtle TTouch, place your whole hands, palms down, on either side of your dog’s shoulders, with one hand offset by half a circle from the other. So if you imagine a clock face on the shoulder, one hand would be at six o’clock and the other would be at 12 on the opposite shoulder.

Then move your dog’s skin slowly in a clockwise direction and do a circle and a quarter on either side before pausing. You can repeat in the same location or move gradually along the shoulders, neck and back. The separation of your hands gives a gentle, rocking motion.

Use this touch for a dog who is stiff or tight in the shoulders or back or who is stuck. As with all TTouches, watch your dog carefully and note their body language as you do the touch. If they move away or look uncomfortable then always respect this and take a break.

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