Prompting with your Lead




The lead is a highly sensitive and powerful line of communication between you and your dog. It communicates when to keep going, when to stop and in which direction to move.

It doesn’t take much for a dog to receive a message from you through the lead. In fact pulling or tugging can actually cue your dog to react! So let’s look at how you can use the lead to prompt your dog to make better choices.

Your dog can feel the lead and even the clip. They can hear and feel whether it is connected to their collar or harness. Moving the lead slightly in any direction will shift the clip position and give your dog a subtle signal.

Moving your hands from up high near your chest to low near your hips will change the weight distribution of the lead. Your dog will feel this shift which may be enough to prompt your dog to move.

This is like tapping them on the shoulder instead of pulling at their shirt. These subtle movements are often all your dog needs to prompt them to move.

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